"Sreekumar Pankajakshan is currently working as a lecturer in the chemistry department of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He finished his PhD from the University of Stuttgart (Germany) in 2009 and his research interests revolves around the development of novel transition metal-catalyzed methodologies towards the synthesis of useful building blocks in organic synthesis. He joined NTU as a faculty member in 2011 and has amassed an excellent teaching portfolio, developing new courses and innovative technology-enabled learning methods. He has won the “teaching excellence award” in 2013 and was also awarded the Edex grant for teaching innovations in 2017. In addition to teaching, Sreekumar has so far supervised the undergraduate research thesis and internships of several students both from NTU and its industry partners in Singapore. He is also one of the NTU faculty members chosen to promote and mentor residential learning activities in NTU.”