CSR also having a Partnership Trading business firm, which came into existence in the year 2017. We are counted as one of the reputed traders and suppliers for CROs, Custom Synthesis, Bulk Drug Companies, Hospitals & Hotels of an extensive range of Products Chemicals Bulk Quantities & Laboratory Packs Sizes, Laboratory Consumables, Lab Glassware, Housekeeping, Safety Items in Pharma Industry, apart from that we are the suppliers in Hospitals & Hotels for Housekeeping & Consumables.

We are the trader of Vacutainers which are commonly utilized in hospitals for drawing blood samples for testing, those we have hired from trustable suppliers they are used raw material from the manufactures. We are majorly looking for queries from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & rest of the States.

Product range offered by us is highly appreciated for their unique features like superior quality, long life, user friendliness. Our business partners are reliable market, who supplies, superior quality raw material and sophisticated designing patterns to offer a flawless product range.

These products are offered at pocket friendly rates and are timely delivered within set time constraints. We have rendered smooth and hassle free business experience for our customers, which results in offering utmost customer satisfaction.

List of Chemicals for Laboratory & Bulk Drug Industries

Chemical Name CAS No
Iodine 7553-56-2
Imidazole 288-32-4
1,2-Dichloroethane  107-06-2
1,2-Dimethoxyethane 24991-55-7
1,4-Dioxan 123-91-1
10% Palladium on carbon 7440-05-3
4-Dimethylaminopyridine 1122-58-3
Acetone  67-64-1
Acetonitrile 75-05-8
Acetyl chloride 75-36-5
Ammonium chloride 12125-02-9
Ammonium formate 540-69-2
Azobisisobutyronitrile / AIBN 78-67-1
Benzoyl peroxide 94-36-0
Benzyl alcohol 100-51-6
Benzylamine 100-46-9
Bis(pinacolato)diboron 73183-34-3
Celite 61790-53-2
Cesium carbonate 534-17-8
Chloroform 67-66-3
Chloroethyl silane 18165-19-0
Copper(I) bromide 7787-70-4
Cuprous Iodide (Copper (I) Iodide) 7681-65-4
Dess-Martin periodinane 87413-09-0
Dichloromethane 75-09-2
Diethyl Ether 60-29-7
Diisopropylamine 108-18-9
Dimethyl formamide  68-12-2
Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) 67-6-5
Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate / Boc anhydride
Hydrazine hydrate 10217-52-4
Iron powder 7439-89-6
meta-Chloroperoxybenzoic acid 937-14-4
Methylchlorofomate 79-22-1
N,N-Diisopropylethylamine 7087-68-5
N-Bromosuccinimide 128-08-5 
N-Chlorosuccinimide 128-09-6
N-Pentane 109-66-0
N-Phenyl-bis(trifluoromethanesulfonimide 37595-74-7
Phosphorous Oxychloride 10025-87-3
Piperidine  110-89-4
Pivaloyl chloride 3282-30-2
Potassium Acetate 127-08-2
Potassium bromide 7758-02-3
Potassium carbonate
Potassium hydroxide 1310-58-3
Potassium phosphate tribasic 7778-53-2
Pyridine 110-6-1
Pyrrolidine  123-75-1
Silica gel 100-200 mesh 112926-00-8
Silica gel 60-120 mesh 112926-00-8
Sodium bicarbonate 144-55-8
Sodium carbonate 497-19-8
Sodium hydroxide 1310-73-2
Sodium nitrite 7632-00-0
Sodium sulphate 15124-09-1
Sodium thiosulfate 7772-98-7
Tetrabutylammonium bromide 1643-19-2
Tetrabutylammonium iodide 311-28-4
Tetrahydrofuran Dry Solv 109-99-9
Tetramethylethylenediamine 110-18-9
Triethylamine 121-44-8
Triethylsilane 617-86-7
Trifluoroacetic acid 76-05-1
Trimethylchlorosilane 75-77-4
Trimethylsilyl chloride 75-77-7
Zinc dust  9029-97-4

List of Laboratory Consumables

Item Description UOM
Consumable Absorbent cotton  Nos  
Consumable Aluminium Foils Nos
Consumable Aspiration Needels Nos
Balloons Nos
Consumable Bandage Cloth Nos
Consumable Bubble Rap Nos
Consumable Buckets Nos
Consumable Butter Paper  Pak
Consumable Cannulas Nos
Consumable Carboys Nos
Consumable Disposable syrings Nos
Consumable Dust Bins Nos
Consumable Filter cloth Mtrs
Consumable Filter Cones Nos
Consumable Forceps Nos
Consumable Gel packs Nos
Consumable Glass Cutter Nos
Consumable Glass Droppers Nos
Consumable Glass Syringes Nos
Consumable Homeopathy Vails Nos
Consumable Hydrogen peroxide solution ML
Consumable Magnetic Pallets (Oval Shape & Egg shape) Nos
Consumable Melting poin Capillaries Nos
Consumable Micro Pipettes 1000µl Fixed Volume Nos
Consumable Micro Pipettes 100-1000µl Variable Volume Nos
Consumable Micro Pipettes 20-200µl Variable Volume Nos
Consumable Micro Spatulas Nos
Consumable Micro Tips ( 20-200µL ) Pak
Consumable Micro Tips (100-1000µL) Nos
Consumable Micro tips 200-1000µL  Nos
Consumable Micro tips 2-200 ul Pak
Consumable Microcentrifuge tubes 0.5ml Pak
Consumable Microcentrifuge tubes 1.5ml Pak
Consumable Mortar & Pestle Nos
Consumable Napkins Nos
Consumable Packing Chips  Kg
Consumable Paper Cups Nos
Consumable Parafilm 2" x 250 ft Nos
Consumable Pasteur Pipette  Nos
Consumable Pet Water Bottles Nos
Consumable PH Indicator Paper PH:2.0-10.5 Pak
Consumable Plastic tubs   Nos
Consumable RB Base for Multiple sizes Nos
Consumable Rotavapor clip, B-19 Nos
Consumable Rotavapor clip, B-24 Nos
Consumable Rotavapor clip, B-29 Nos
Consumable Rubber Bands Kg
Consumable Rubber Bulbs - Small Nos
Consumable Rubber Bulbs -Big Nos
Consumable Rubber Bulbs -Medium Nos
Consumable Rubber Septa  Nos
Consumable Self sealing covers Pak
Consumable Separating Funnel Stands Nos
Consumable Teflon Blades Nos
Consumable Teflon Glands Nos
Consumable Teflon Sheet Nos
Consumable Teflon Tape Nos
Consumable Test tube cleaning brushes Nos
Consumable Tissue Paper Rolls Nos
Consumable TLC Capillaries Nos

List of Glass & Plasticware items for Laboratories

Item Description UOM
Glass & Plasticware Additional Funnels Nos
Glass & Plasticware Amber colour Bottles-wide mouth Nos
Glass & Plasticware Beaker  (Glass & PP) Nos
Glass & Plasticware Buchi Flasks Nos
Glass & Plasticware Buchner Funnels Nos
Glass & Plasticware Chromatography Columns -RB Flask Nos
Glass & Plasticware Clear Vials Nos
Glass & Plasticware Column stand Nos
Glass & Plasticware Condencers Nos
Glass & Plasticware Condenser Double surface Nos
Glass & Plasticware Condenser Jacketed coil Nos
Glass & Plasticware Cone adapters Nos
Glass & Plasticware Conical Flask Nos
Glass & Plasticware Dean Stark Nos
Glass & Plasticware Dishes Crystallizing  Nos
Glass & Plasticware Distillation Condensors Nos
Glass & Plasticware Dropping Funnels Nos
Glass & Plasticware Drying Trays Nos
Glass & Plasticware Expanders Nos
Glass & Plasticware Filter cones Nos
Glass & Plasticware Filteration Flasks Nos
Glass & Plasticware Flow control adapters Nos
Glass & Plasticware Funnels-Plastic & Glass (Small & Big stem) Nos
Glass & Plasticware Glass Bottles-Scott Duran Nos
Glass & Plasticware Glass Bottles-Scott Duran-Amber colour Nos
Glass & Plasticware Glass Droppers Nos
Glass & Plasticware Glass Rods Nos
Glass & Plasticware Measuring Cylinders Nos
Glass & Plasticware Oil Baths Nos
Glass & Plasticware Pipette Nos
Glass & Plasticware RB Flasks (Round Bottom Flask)- all sizes (1/N,2/N3/N&4/N) Nos
Glass & Plasticware Reagent  Bottles Nos
Glass & Plasticware Reducers Nos
Glass & Plasticware Scoop Nos
Glass & Plasticware Separating  Funnels Nos
Glass & Plasticware Stopper Nos
Glass & Plasticware Test Tube with Rim & without Rim Nos
Glass & Plasticware TLC Chamber Nos
Glass & Plasticware Volumetric Flasks Nos
Glass & Plasticware Wash Bottles Nos

List of Housekeeping items for Laboratory, Hospital & Hotels

Item Description UOM
House keeping items Allout Mosquito Repalent & Machine Nos
House keeping items Black H I T Nos
House keeping items Brooms Coco Nos
House keeping items Buckets Nos
House keeping items Carpet Brush Nos
House keeping items Carry Bags Pak
House keeping items Colin-500ml Nos
House keeping items Cushion Floor Mat  Nos
House keeping items Dettol Hnadwash Liquid Nos
House keeping items Door Mats Nos
House keeping items DRY Mop Set Nos
House keeping items Dust Pan Nos
House keeping items Floor Cleaner Ltr
House keeping items Garbage bag Cover Kg
House keeping items Glass Cleaning Wiper Nos
House keeping items Harpic Nos
House keeping items Life Boy Soap Nos
House keeping items MOP Cloth Nos
House keeping items Mugs Nos
House keeping items Naphthalene Bals Kg
House keeping items Odonil Nos
House keeping items Premimer Face Tissue Nos
House keeping items Pril Liquid Nos
House keeping items Room Freshner Nos
House keeping items Soap Oil Ltr
House keeping items Soft Brooms Nos
House keeping items Spary Bottel Nos
House keeping items Tarki Towels Nos
House keeping items Wheel Powder Nos
House keeping items White & Yellow Cloth Nos